Monday, 16 November 2009

Elemental vintage retro and antique furniture

Finding that unique piece of furniture to give a room impact is getting more difficult. With the increasing popularity of a certain Scandinavean retailer flooding homes with low cost flat-pack items, you're less likely to procure quality inidividual furniture.

Elemental are a UK-based furniture seller with a simple website. Their 'New Arrivals' area is where you'll find all their latest pieces - check back reguarly though because this is always updated. Because of the nature of the products it's hit and miss whether you see what you're searching for first time, but the standard is high and there's always a gem waiting to be found.

These photos give a general idea of the range of items Elemental have to offer.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Modus makes heating cool

Fireplaces can be an overlooked aspect to interior design, even though they're usually at the heart of any living space. Creating a bold statement with your fireplace can give a room individuality and character.

Modus are a UK based designer and manufacturer of fireplaces for the most exclusive private and commercial properties. I came across their site while looking for original or innovative fireplaces as inspiration. Their designs are split into five categories: Against the wall, Two sided, Suspended, Internal and External Corner, and Unique Applications.

These images are a snapshot of the huge range of projects Modus have worked on. Check the site out its worth a look.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dreary days at the office are no more with this furniture

It can be difficult to become impassioned with your desk job when the office environment resembles that of every other office you've ever walked into.

Knowingly, the Austrian manufacturer Bene has collaborated with designer Pearson Lloyd to produce the kind of stimulating furniture you'd happily have at home.
The Parcs collection is bright, ergonomic, comfortable and playful yet functional - ticking all the prerequisites for furniture you'd love in the office but would never be able to convince your boss to buy.

Refreshingly simple modular benches, fences and walls provide a semi private meeting or working spaces that could occupy common areas in the workplace.

Pearson Lloyd's hope is that through his furniture, people will be able to achieve the creative and productive levels they previously found away from their desk in a newly designed office environment.

We think he may have just hit upon something...

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