Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Flooring to modernise your home

If you are looking to modernise your home this summer or change the d├ęcor you need to think about all the different flooring options that are now available to you.

Carpet seems to have been thrown onto the waste pile in recent years as people have opted for hardwood, laminate or tiled flooring.

The consumer has moved away from carpet as it is less hygienic and it can be ruined if something is spilt, especially if it is light in colour.

These days it is very rare to find carpet down as flooring for a bathroom or kitchen however, where hardwood or rubber flooring has been used people often like to add a rug as a feature.

Depending on the style of your kitchen there are many options available for both the colours and materials.

Sisal and Jute fibres are often a good choice on hard flooring surfaces because they are less likely to slip. These fibres are also best for use within a kitchen as they do not hold dirt. Another good tip would be to use an anti-slip underlay to stop your mat from slipping.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Interior design of a kitchen

Quite a few changes have taken place in the world of kitchen design over the last couple of years.

No longer do we have the old farm kitchen doors made from wood, with the latest modern look kitchens are now also using modern materials such as high gloss plastics and glass work tops.

Colour is being introduced into kitchens but the use of high gloss black or white kitchens are also on the rise.

Kitchens are being made with better storage solutions, hidden features and soft close cupboard doors. Integrated appliances are still on the top of many people's ideal kitchen list and that now includes double ovens at just below eye level.

We haven't lost the past completely though, it has just taken a slightly different approach. Belfast style sinks have become very popular in our kitchens again but with a modern twist. The deep pot sinks are back in fashion but now they have the added pot draining board area attached.

Rather than having wooden doors the wood now appears on the work surface in a butcher's block style worktop.

Granite is still a popular choice for those who can afford it but the wooden worktops are becoming increasingly popular especially in larger kitchens.

Carpets in a kitchen are a thing of the past and many people opt for either a tiled or rubber flooring. Rugs are also often used just in certain areas of the kitchen to add a bit of colour and warmth.

Put Your Feet Up in The Rug Lounge

A brand NEW retailer specialising in natural and shaggy rugs has just launched in the UK. The Rug Lounge differentiates itself from the competition by offering free delivery on everything (within mainland UK that at least).

What's different about The Rug Lounge?

From the looks of it The Rug Lounge is trying to provide people with affordable rugs that also say quality and reflect both current and classic rug designs and materials. Entropy is a shaggy rug like any other but at this price makes adding much-needed style to a room easy. The other shaggy rug line is the wonderfully named Allure rug, also made from Polyester making it affordable, but also easy to maintain and bright.

The Rug Lounge's range of natural rugs is also worth a look. Bringing together a mixture of modern and traditional looks in both Jute and Sisal the natural rugs have something to offer everyone.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Flooring Sale to Celebrate St Patricks Day

UK Flooring Online are celebrating St Patricks Day this year by offering a massive 17% discount on any green version of any flooring products they have on their website.

St Patricks Day marks the start of the sale, which runs until Sunday (March 21st).

UK Flooring Online sell a variety of flooring options for your home or business, from studded rubber floor tiles through to vinyl flooring.

You could save yourself the equivalent price of VAT (17%) if you buy your flooring between March 17th and 21st, 2010.

For more information and to grab yourself a top bargain visit

Monday, 1 March 2010

BA Flying The Flag For Interior Design

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the words interior design but a lot of thought and effort goes into the design of the interior of aircraft flying around the world.

If you have ever been lucky enough to travel first class then you will know that the interior of the first class cabins can be a lot different to the standard class option.

The 100 million-pound revamp to the British Airways flights has closed the gap on standards set by the luxury cabins provided by rival airlines in the Middle East and Asia.

The first class cabins now come with wider bed seats, leather desks and linen made from Egyptian cotton. Passengers will also be treated to an Anya Hindmarch washbag containing toiletries from the 200-year-old London pharmacist D.R. Harris & Co.

The designers of the new BA first class cabins have previously worked in the motor trade creating leather-rich interiors for Jaguar and Aston Martin cars and they will be available to passengers travelling to 40 different locations.

This is BA's first makeover for the premium class seats in just under 10 years and has been created to provide an “intimate private jet experience”. The new design also features the first electronic blinds on a commercial airliner.

It will be interesting to see if any other airline companies follow suit and update their first class cabins in the coming months or provide other extras to get people to use their flights.

Yoville takes interior design into the digital age

A lot of people are interested in the world of interior design and it seems that Yoville has taken this one step further.

Not only are people interested in designing their dwellings in the “real world” it seems that following the fashion and design trends is also becoming of interest in virtual worlds too.

Yoville is an online virtual community, which has been heavily boosted by the Facebook Application, is all about designing and decoration your “virtual” home.
There are many different designs and features that you can take advantage of to build your ideal home.

A lot of the furniture designs you can buy in Yoville with your virtual cash have been based on real designs that you can buy in the shops.

Recent additions to the furniture styles include digital versions of the Arne Jacobsen Egg and Swan Chairs.

What makes Yoville even better is the fact that you do not have to part with your hard earned cash and that you can style your house just the way you want it without having to worry about how much it costs. You can also change the colour of the walls and your carpet as often as you want. If you don't like the colour you just pick another and it will change instantly – no waiting for the paint to dry.
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