Thursday, 17 June 2010

Add some glamour to your bedroom

We all like to feel glamorous every once in a while, whether its buying a new LBD or blagging your way into a celebs party, but why not recreate that feeling every morning when you get up?

Allure says it all with its name. Allure is a finely woven shaggy rug that just begs to be touched. Its metallic shiny shades add a touch of class to any floor they're laid on. Four colourways are available including Bronze/Black, Silver/Black, Orange Gold and White Gold, each more rich and sumptuous than the last.

Polyester rugs are a great alternative to wool sometimes, allowing more adventurous designs and textures. Allure is made from 100% polyester and is soft to the touch as well as being easy to maintain.

Add some glamour to your bedroom with an Allure rug. This rug would look great at the foot of your bed and would be a dream to walk on first thing in the morning. If you have a dark room then choose a lighter option such as white or orange gold rug, where as if your room is light in colour then bronze/black rug would make a powerful statement.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

When nature calls

With the abundance of decorative items created from man-made materials on the market its refreshing to consider opting for something natural when it comes to your floor coverings. Natural rugs is a broad term that encapsulates a collection of products ranging from Jute rugs and herringbone rugs to Sisal rugs. These materials are mainly harvested in India and Nepal where they are major crops, responsibly farmed, making them an environmental choice - but also one that comes with history and craftsmanship past down through generations. Natural rugs have graced homes for hundreds if not thousands of years.

So next time your in a store looking at rugs, or indeed anything where there is a choice between polyester and wool - make the right choice. You never know it may just make you feel better too.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bruce Willis gets sued over a rug

Its been reported that the Die Hard star is being sued by a shop which claims he ruined an £18,000 rug by trimming it and spilling wine on it. Natural rugs and red wine do not mix.

The interior design shop state that the 55-year-old actor brought the rug back six weeks after it had been delivered to his Los Angeles home, stained with red wine - and shortened by several inches.

Willis's lawyer Marty Singer said the legendary action hero did not buy the wool and silk rug and it was not damaged or dirty, but he had offered to clean it.

The shop says it is stuck with a damaged shaggy rugs.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Roadkill Rug is Surprisingly Appealing

Dead fluffy animals don't spring to mind when i think of soft furnishings, but that's what Dutch product design studio Oooms thought of. The studio run by Guido Ooms and Karin van Lieshout create thought-provoking and original products - some are sold via their website, others like the rug are a one off.

This is their take on the what the rug's about:

Do you know the feeling that you do not want to take a look at something, but you still do? The Roadkill carpet is a continues struggle between attraction and repulsion. It’s a warm, soft, cuddly carpet that attracts you to take a nap on it. But at the same time its a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox.

Thought-provoking yes, but hardly a mere snip at 3,400 Euros.
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