Monday, 22 March 2010

Interior design of a kitchen

Quite a few changes have taken place in the world of kitchen design over the last couple of years.

No longer do we have the old farm kitchen doors made from wood, with the latest modern look kitchens are now also using modern materials such as high gloss plastics and glass work tops.

Colour is being introduced into kitchens but the use of high gloss black or white kitchens are also on the rise.

Kitchens are being made with better storage solutions, hidden features and soft close cupboard doors. Integrated appliances are still on the top of many people's ideal kitchen list and that now includes double ovens at just below eye level.

We haven't lost the past completely though, it has just taken a slightly different approach. Belfast style sinks have become very popular in our kitchens again but with a modern twist. The deep pot sinks are back in fashion but now they have the added pot draining board area attached.

Rather than having wooden doors the wood now appears on the work surface in a butcher's block style worktop.

Granite is still a popular choice for those who can afford it but the wooden worktops are becoming increasingly popular especially in larger kitchens.

Carpets in a kitchen are a thing of the past and many people opt for either a tiled or rubber flooring. Rugs are also often used just in certain areas of the kitchen to add a bit of colour and warmth.


  1. Great article
    I strongly believe kitchens are the new living rooms, at least interms of the time and money we invest in them. It is now the statement room we show off to visitors - and the one that clinches a house sale. The living room has been overtaken by the TV, so there is only one room left for people to congregate in, and that,s the kitchen

  2. I must say, granite is still a popular choice to be used as kitchen worktops.


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