Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Layers are the way forward for interior design

Wallpapered ceilings and layered rugs are set to make an appearance this season.

If you have high vaulted ceilings, beams or ceiling roses in your house original or mock, the wallpaper can bring emphasis to these features.

Make sure that if you wallpaper the walls as well as the ceiling you use a different paper for the ceiling otherwise it will make your room feel boxed in and claustrophobic.

Remember to use a plain paper on the ceiling if the walls have a pattern or vice versa.

If you are going to go for the layering look then you need to make sure that the colours and patterns on the rug are similar in style. This way the rugs will then work as a theme together rather than looking odd and out of place.

In the cold winter a room will be made to feel snug and a lot warmer with the introduction of layered rugs.

These trends can work in both modern and more traditional dwellings provided that you use patterns and colours to suit the style of the house. Use persian rugs for a traditional look and bright bold colours for a modern take on the trend.

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