Thursday, 21 January 2010

Looking back on a decade of interior design

The Interior Design blog takes a look back across the past decade of style and trends.

The 90's featured a lot of beige, white, and well lets face it a lot more beige.

This became the palette of choice for the many buy-to-letters who were making the most of the rising house prices.

As we entered the noughties the trend continued but as the prices slowly began to fall the market saw a slump in house sales.

Towards the end of the decade the prices began to fall and lending became a lot more difficult people started to invest in their current home instead of moving house.

As the prices changed so did the interior design styles because people were starting to make homes their own and not just decorated for sale.

Here saw the return of colour with feature walls and large designer prints and florals.

With the recession towards the end of the decade a feature wall provided a cheap way to spruce up your home and allowed stronger colours to return because of a feature wall not overpowering a room.

The end of the noughties following the start of the recession led to people reusing and revamping old furniture and materials.

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