Thursday, 24 September 2009

Books belong on a bookshelf

How many of us heard those words as a child? Although these are seriously stylish shelves we really don’t mind tidying away for.

Entitled the “SelfShelf”, the books appear to float in mid-air thanks to conspicuously designed invisible wall fixtures that appear as books conveniently named “Ceci n'est pas un livre”, or as the French would say, “This is not a book”.

Well at least it’s honest, even if only with the Francophiles amongst us. You can look smug anyway.

22 centimetres in length by 15 wide, and 2.5 cm deep it’s impressively sturdy for its dinky sized dimensions.

Incredibly strong fittings allow you to stack an impressively large number of volumes on top of the sneaky book in disguise. Or in fact, any other possessions you might feel deserve a loftier position.

What we’re really chuffed with is just how cheap the SelfShelf is; at £22.50 each and coming in red, yellow, blue, white and black, it’s seriously tempting to create a wall display from them.

Who needs bland bookcases?! Our books will be sitting pretty on their own bookshelves. Literally.

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