Saturday, 19 September 2009

How to create great kids’ rooms in one easy step

It’s a headache we’ve all suffered when trying to come up with a fun décor and furnishing concept for a kid’s room that there’s never any really inspiring sites around.

We’re just glad we’ve found where you’ll be inundated with great inspiration at a one-stop online shop for concepts to furnish anything from a baby’s room to a high school student of either gender.

Either use this handy site to sift through thousands of décor goodies which they’ll not only ship across the continent to you, but also personally tell you exactly how much the shipping will cost; or, just use the great articles posing questions you’ve probably not considered as a nifty resource to add the finishing touches to truly themed rooms. You can’t ask for better than that!

Take this fantastic cowboy themed concept as an example where you’ll find material swatches to have bedding and curtains made up from, themed furniture and room accessories.
You can gauge just which room features you’d like accents of the selected theme on, and then, if the cost’s too much or you don’t fancy dealing with the shipping just look for the products within the UK.

For example, you’ll be able to pick up cowboy themed printed material from Michael Miller fabrics or even the upmarket home furnishing starlet Cath Kidston.

Go and have a look if your grey cells are lacking in inspiration, you’ll be stumped for choice!

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