Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Riddle me this…

There’s nothing more infuriating than a dinner party where the attending guests run out of conversation and sit for an hour in pained silence.

Fortunately that’ll never have to be a scene at your dining table if you invest a pretty paltry 30 quid on this riddle tablecloth. 150x50cm, we’ll be placing ours lengthways on a considerably longer table than the one displayed – looks like it has great potential as an innovative table runner.

Printed with 300 riddles that’ll keep you all guessing well in to a fifth bottle of wine (although your guessing skills may have diminished somewhat by that point) it offers a light hearted talking point for both intimate tête-à-têtes and larger group participation also.

Considerately, its makers have left a couple of spaces for you to leave plates on; so you can carry on nibbling without moving the tableware about in order to read all the riddles.

If you get really stumped, they handily provide you with an envelope full of answers, which you may wish to sneak a crafty peek at in advance to fool your friends into believing that you’re oh-so super intelligent. Which we’re sure you already are, but this nifty cloth will only enhance that reputation tenfold!


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