Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Who are you looking at?!

These aviator mirrors really couldn't be cooler.

The self-adhesive reflectors are tantalisingly in a collection named Narcisse and will happily affix themselves (with a good push from you) to a large flat surface.

Well, for the narcissus complex in everyone, you can't help but admire yourself as you pass by these wall-hoggers.

The two Perspex glass screens span 1.2 metres each in width and 50 cm in depth, so we wouldn't advise putting any pictures up as they'll only be eclipsed by the sheer magnitude of these aviator lenses.

Great for sprucing up a bedroom or lounge in one easy move, you really won't need any another statement interior design pieces as this pair of showstoppers will do all the hardwork themselves.

An absolute bargain we think for £76 including VAT. Bargain!

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