Friday, 9 October 2009

Create your own Cabana

We love this product. And so will you, or even your dog if you've got $500 to spare.

After stumbling across Modern Cabana who build small prefabricated buildings to provide affordable space to relax, or live if you prefer, we're thinking of jacking in the two-up two-down and going for broke with a lovely little nest like this.
Especially when you discover that it's possible to have a prefab delivered that comes with a kitchen and bathroom installation - so no late night calls in the the wild, you'll be glad to hear.

Posed as the ultimate solution to tranquility and solitude (we're there already...) prices start from $11,500 for the basic Cabana package, but if you're interested in having one to replace your current abode expect to spend up to $67,500 for the mod-con inclusive version that you'd need. Kennels come in at a much more affordable $500 though.

What's nicest we think is that you can build your dream home yourself with the pre-assembled panels that Modern Cabana provide and two able bodied adults with some construction experience in only a couple of days.

The quick and easy build is largely thanks to the ingenious concrete pier system that allows the Cabana to sit on top like a deck would, without the need for pouring a slab foundation.

May we introduce "Less hassle", you'll be very pleased to meet it!


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