Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Need a cheap decor update? Go and stick it.

And no, we're not being rude - what we mean is that the best solution we've found to make an instant update to your home decor when it all feels a bit drab is to invest in some vinyl wall stickers.
Both removable and handy to position strategically over scrapes and marks on the wall, the choice available these days is disarming.

Our favourites come from Hu2, whose designs - and seriously affordable ones at that - will be just what you needed to makeover your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or any room for that matter.

Forget the bland car and princess vinyl cutouts you'd expect to see in B&Q - this is vinyl with style. Think peel-off cocktail recipes for the kitchen, Banksy replicas for your living room, or amusing cartoon styled graphics surrounding light switches which depict a hamster powering it from a running wheel.

We especially like how Hu2 not only seperate out their designs by room (and room owner; kds, adults etc), they'll also let you select the colour you'd like it supplying in. Prices start from about a tenner, with the really big art pieces costing up to about 70 quid.

If you're after something just a bit more unique though, you can email them a photo and they'll provide you with a vectored vinyl cutout to adorn your wall; there's customer service for you.


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