Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Graffiti for tea? It's on the table...

Having been a controversial symbol of expression for centuries, street graffiti's form has finally been coverted to art form and accepted into the homes of the fashionable.
Renowned for plauguing the walls of property in run-down estates, the aesthetic potential of graffiti has been recognised as a design discipline in its own right; combining form, symbols and style to produce innovatively expressive pieces that are both striking and functional - in essence, mimicking the very essence of graffiti in producing both a statement and contribution to the home.

This is truly experimental contemporary furniture that undoubtably provokes strong reactions from its audience, whilst it's also possible to recognise almost baroque style decor notes in the curved scroll form.

Venezualan UK-based designer Luis Alicandu has created some absolute talking points with his graffiti inspired furniture set, as they are as equally eyecatching as complementary to other interior design influences.

Visit his website for further inspiration.



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