Saturday, 17 October 2009

Display the date with this dynamic design...

Even the most adoring of mothers soon tires of receiving embarrassing wall calendars constructed from glued macaroni pieces on cardboard. These days, even when it's been purchased from a shop, the style police would have just cause for banishing the offending article from your pad thanks to the monotony of zany animal images on display each month.

Let's face it; traditionally calendars aren't cool. Although an artist called Oscar Diaz might just change all that with his incredibly clever/astonishingly simple wall construction. It is nothing less than art integrating with its own environment in a rather organic fashion.
The dates in this piece of wall art populate over time (24 hours to be exact) as the ink crawls along using a capillary action for momentum creating a truly perpetual calendar.

Even more impressive is how Diaz has developed specifically coloured inks that correspond to the season; the mixtures respond according to temperature and humidity and produce the neccessary capillary momentum speed required to move through the dates at an appropriate pace.

Expect dark blue hues in December to shades of green in spring, or oranges and red in the summer. The scale for measuring the colour temperature that Diaz used is a standard called ‘D65’ and corresponds roughly to a midday sun in Western / Northern Europe.

Too lovely. We want one, or several.


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