Sunday, 11 October 2009

Goldilocks and the Grizzly Bean Bag Bears

As modern fairy tales go, this is one you'll want to hear - we guarantee it.

Take a comfy lounging concept, add some great graphics, and finally add someone sleepy for maximum impact.
This bean bag is the most realistic looking grizzly bear imitation I've ever seen, and despite their ordinarily grumpy demeanour I'm really inclined to give it a snuggle.

Featuring knitted bear graphics to mimic a real grizzly's furry hide (much better than printed fabric), and a moulded bear's head, the rest of the body is perfectly rounded and filled to the seams with thousands of "beans". Measuring 51cm in height, 70cm wide, and 103cm from top to tail, there's more than enough room to get comfortable on and have a snooze.

Handily, this grizzly's fur will happily peel off to visit the washing machine during hibernation season; in fact it'll even endure being pegged out to dry in the garden. For 135 dollars this bear will belong to you - a small price to pay for the big bear hugs you'll receive in return.

Visit the Etsy store here to lure him home with you. We can certainly see now that Goldilocks was ahead of the style curve, but it's never too late to catch up with this trend we reckon.


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