Sunday, 25 October 2009

Just hanging out at home (in a suspension bed)

You didn't mishear us, Bernstein Architecture produces an array of hanging pieces of furniture for the home that perfectly fit with the concept of minimalist living.
With beds, tables, chairs and bookcases, they've created an interior design dream collection that saves space and looks great.

The pieces are all tension based; and while we'd advise sticking to the instructions for the most part, Bernstein actually encourage having a play to find your optimimum tension on their beds. Ordinarily motionless, once the stablising wires are loosened, it's an adults' playground!

The one piece of advice we would advise you follow to the letter is that you're careful not to trip over the wire ropes as you could do yourself a serious mishap.

With a combination of solid steel support entwined with crossed suspension wires, weight bearing surfaces are supported and structurally held in place from every required angle.


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