Saturday, 29 August 2009

Chainsaw carpentry you’ll be off your rocker for

Now it’s not something we’d normally think of as completing a lounge, games room, or conservatory but this incredible chainsaw chiselled full scale wooden replica of a Honda Accord car seat is a real spectacle.

A fully functional rocking chair with brass plated rockers, the sweeping curves defining the iconic car seat are undeniably realistic.

We’re just amazed it’s been accomplished with a chainsaw of all tools; it must have required hours of concentration from the artisan Christopher Chiappa commissioned to help render it faithfully.

Chiappa claims it was a real challenge to find an expert chainsaw handler who would carve out anything other than bears, wolves or eagles, but he was thrilled with the result.

And so are we with this nice juxtaposition of high and lowbrow art.


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