Monday, 17 August 2009

Tips on Coordinating Curtains and Soft Furnishings

For most people, high fashion, and stylish interior design seems far away from the realms of our real homes. Our homes are places of practicality and living not puffed pillows and chaise lounges. Whatever your budget and whatever your tastes, it is very simple and moderately inexpensive to give your rooms a lift and create a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced space. By choosing coordinating and well fitted curtains and other soft furnishings you can create a sense of logic and identity within an otherwise eclectic room of new and old.

The first step in choosing new window dressings is to look at your existing room. What is there in the space that defines it and gives it character? It could be an old sofa, a mirror, wallpaper or a rug. Whatever it may be, you should use this as a central point for your inspiration. Look at the colours or patterns within the item and use this style or colour palette to choose your curtains. Consider prints, velvets, silks, hessians, damask and plains. Consider how using vertical or horizontal pattern will accentuate the width or the height of the space. Consider whether to include just curtains or a curtain and blind. Although not particularly necessary, this enables you to have an elaborate dress curtain for visual impact and use your blind on a daily basis to block out the light.

If you want to further enhance the look of the room why not buy some coordinating scatter cushions and a throw to incorporate your sofa into the design scheme. Either buy ready made or ask a seamstress to make you the covers piped in matching material to your curtains or blinds. Similarly, why not consider adding ribbon or trim around your existing lamp shades to again incorporate them in to your scheme?

When selecting fabrics do not be scared to ask for samples as, once home, fabrics can look completely different. Furthermore, it is sometimes best to use both ready made and made to measure products. For example, you may find the perfect pair of ready made curtains for your home but struggle to find a matching blind in a complementary colour and to fit your window. If this is the situation, shop around and look for the best solution for you, your budget and your timescales.

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