Sunday, 30 August 2009

Coin chair that costs a pretty penny or two

We stumbled across this lush butterfly shaped chair, which is ergonomically designed and composed of 1500 half dollar coins, and 7000 welds.

Contoured to cradle the body and hand welded to ensure comfort, we think that the superbly named Johnny Swing’s Coin Chair would be a stunning centrepiece in any room.

Looking like it’s fit for a king, from the price requested you’d need a princely sum to be able to afford one. $59,000 to be exact. Wowzers.

Which really is a shame, although with an impact puncher like this you certainly wouldn’t need more than one anyway; it’d only detract from how uniquely beautiful it is.

Weighing more than a small child, this 60lb sterling wonder chair probably won’t be ideal for lugging around the home, so pick a room and decorate around what we reckon is a pretty impressive feature.

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