Thursday, 20 August 2009

Greener outdoor spaces with recycled decking

It seems there’s a use for everything as American garden furniture company Trex manage to produce reams of high quality garden decking from our throwaway plastic bag habit.

The result is incredibly impressive; with the authentic appearance of wood (even under close scrutiny) this original product can be fire proofed, stain, scratch and mould resistant.

Cleverly composited from a balance of plastic and reclaimed wood, they can recycle 140,000 plastic bags to produce a 500-square-foot composite deck.

Reportedly one of the largest plastic bag recyclers anywhere in the US, you can see they're putting waste to good use.

Annoyingly, we’re likely to be more damaged by the sun than their recycled product, but it’s worth all the extra hours we’re likely to spend in the garden.

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