Friday, 28 August 2009

Perfectly preserved pieces for the home, set or exhibition

Here’s an innovative idea to add an air of mystery to your home, Dutch designer Maarten Baas has been preserving interior design pieces with a unique approach of combining charred furnishings with an epoxy resin.

Exhibiting 25 pieces in New York, the Smoke collection is an unusual concept that reclaims abandoned and forgotten furniture to preserve them as souvenirs of the past.

Iconic pieces from the likes of Gaudi were blowtorched to create the necessary impact and coated in the translucent resin sealant to preserve the furnishings from turning to ash whilst retaining the charred texture.

A fragile project that’s been hardcoated for posterity as objet d’art, we’re just grateful that international design company Moooi have commissioned reproductions for distribution.

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