Thursday, 20 August 2009

Purrrfect Polystyrene furniture

We stumbled across this amazing line of furniture created from expanded polystyrene (EPS) that includes living room tables, chairs and bookcases, all innovatively crafted with characters cut from solid white blocks.

A cat coils itself around books as small birds peck at personal belongings, all resulting in a visually striking yet minimalist feel.

Fill In The Cat is a real achievement for NEL, a collective of Mexican independent designers, who we think are definitely one to watch…


  1. Polystyrene is extremely versatile material, we work with it every day creating diverse products such as furniture, architectural moldings to steam-room seating. It's very easy to create a design and cut it out of EPS. So much so, we have a competition on our blog for people to design a table and we will make it and send it to the selected winner. Please enter or leave a comment if you have a project or an idea.
    Apologies if I have taken the self promotion to far.

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