Monday, 31 August 2009

Soapy snout dispenser for the shower

You'll be pleased to know that this runny nose shower gel dispenser is currently in stock at, because, let's face it - who couldn't resist buying one?!

Posing as a practical gizmo to attach to your bathroom wall or indeed any flat surface with the help of some super suction cups, all the dispenser needs is filling up with a suitable goo you'd willingly wash your body with.

Easily refillable and handily supplied with instructions on how to blow out the required amount of cleaning gel, all you really need to know is that once filled you just squeeze and out pops oozing soap from the right nostril.

Mmmm, lovely. Well, you don't have to pick green shower gel but I guess it makes for better comedy value.

And for just under $15 you could plop them all around the home, furnishing your kitchen, garage or shed.

The online store informs us to have a wonderfully wacky day. Oh, okay then - we will!

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